Course Description

Professional Grooming 1 is a basic course for the beginner that teaches the skills and requirement needed to start a career in the pet grooming industry. This course isPet grooming courses in Northern Colorado a 300 hour program. With full time enrollment this course will take 10 weeks to complete.


Application Fee $50.00
Tools $900.00
Tuition $5,000.00

Total Cost $5,950.00
Payments every 2 weeks $1,250



Course Description

Professional Grooming 2 is our most comprehensive program. By attending this course you will be ready to step into any grooming position or open your own grooming salon. This course offers a skill set in the more technical aspects of the grooming industry. You have the opportunity to refine your grooming skills and increase your speed, enabling you to groom more dogs efficiently. No prerequisites are required for this course. This is a 600 hour course and will take 21 weeks to complete, with a week long break between week 11.


Application Fee $50.00
Tools and Books $900.00
Tuition $8,000.00

Total Cost $8,950.00
Payments every 2 weeks $1,333.33
Final Payment of $1,333.33


COURSE OUTLINE: (Professional Grooming 1 & 2)

  • Canine Breed Identification and Classification
  • Anatomy and Structure Related to Balance
  • Safety and Handling Techniques in Grooming
  • Equipment Selection, Care and Maintenance
  • Defining Coat Type and Texture
  • Parasites and Treatments
  • Skin and Coat Conditions and Treatment
  • Bathing and Drying
  • De-matting Techniques
  • Clipper Techniques
  • Scissoring and Thinning Techniques
  • Grooming of Mixed Breeds
  • Grooming of AKC Recognized Breeds
  • Cat Grooming (practical as available)
  • Client Relations


Groomer Certification Completion

Course Description

Groomer Certification Completion is a course designed for groomers who are currently working in the grooming field and have not received a diploma or certification from a grooming school. THIS COURSE IS NOT DESIGNED OR AVAILABLE FOR BEGINNERS IN THE GROOMING INDUSTRY. In this course, experienced groomers will come to DOGS’ Own Grooming School and receive instruction in the grooming skills needing improvement.

Entrance Requirements:
- Pass a written exam to demonstrate that you have the knowledge needed to participate in the course.
- Come to DOGS’ Own Grooming School and pass a practical grooming exam to demonstrate proficiency in grooming techniques. For out-of-state students, alternative methods of doing the practical exam are available.

This course can be a full or part-time opportunity. We understand that students in this course are currently working, and have their own clients to attend to. Full time enrollment will take 2 weeks to complete the course; one day a week attendance will take 10 weeks to complete the course. The course must be completed in 12 weeks or less.

A 80 hour program will take two weeks to complete.

Total Course Cost $1500.00

*Prices subject to change


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